The Brand


We created Slim By Titi following the observation of various diets, to  rebalance where food supplements have harmed our metabolism, and are not effective in treating desired issues. Its for this reason we have developed this slimming tea method which has a maximum effectiveness and which respects the metabolism.


Slim By Titi was born after years of research, study and testing, to find 12 plants that once associated together form an ideal blend to trigger weight loss.

We entrusted the association of our 12 slimming plants to medicinal tea experts, who made a slimming blend, which we named "SLIMBYTITI"... and this is how our tea was born.

Marketed for several years now... One thing is sure, Titiminceur has demonstrated its effectiveness for a long time, with now more than 8000 cups drunk!





There are many methods for losing extra pounds... Slimming tea is among the most effective and above all among the healthiest! Our appetite suppressant and fat burner tea is composed of natural plants, guarana, caffeine, hibiscus flower, konjac and cherry stem.


We have chosen them for their slimming virtues, in particular their power to attack the fat stored in the body, and to increase the feeling of being  satisfied. It is for these reasons that we have decided to combine them, to make a slimming blend, called Slim By Titi.


Our tea will easily find its place in your daily routine, and will quickly become an essential ally in achieving your weight loss goal., a dynamic and flexible team, is happy to be at your service and at your service!